a lovely conversation with niina from finland

I am so excited by sharing this post with you!

A conversation with Niina behind the blog Souvenirs.
A blog that i find incredibly beautiful and inspiring, a blog that i have been reading for a long long time. Her writings are soothing for the soul
and her photos are truly like sweet eye-candy.

Niina: To me, pictures are like souvenirs of life. They are memories of all the things I've done and all the places I've been. Memories of the past years and reached dreams. They are also memories of just ordinary life and everyday things. A smile of a child, evening sun, bunch of flowers on a night table, a good book,afternoon tea. Memories of all those big and small moments.
As I said - they are memories of life.

Can you tell us a little bit about what it was that made you start your own blog?

Niina: After reading some really beautiful and inspiring blogs for a while I started to wonder about what it would be like to have my own blog. And finally in January 2009 i started my first blog Muruinen. It took me a while to figure out what kind of blog i wanted to have but slowly it started to look more and more like me. Muruinen was a really nice place but after 1,5 years of blogging i needed a change (like bigger pictures:)) soo therefore on July 2010 i started Souvenirs.

Niina: I don't have time to write a real diary (I would love to, it actually was my New Year's Resolution to start writing on one but I don't know where all my time goes). So therefore Souvenirs is bit like a diary to me. I love sharing my photos and i also like to sit down and write a little but I try to keep a line between my personal life and my blog.
I've started to see things differently and more closely after having my own blog and also after taking more pictures. I'm always "on", looking and seeking for beautiful things, moments and images. There's a lot of beauty out there and I feel so lucky to notice it.

What inspires you?

Niina: I know it sounds like a cliché but I get my inspiration from everywhere. It's hard to specify it because anything can be beautiful or interesting.

PS: Niina also has her own blogshop

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn weekend,
it seems like it is going to be a cold one here : )

scandinavian poetry, part two

Romanesque Arches
by Tomas Tranströmer

Inside the huge romanesque church the tourists jostled in the half darkness.
Vault gaped behind vault, no complete view.
A few candle-flames flickered.
An angel with no face embraced me
and whispered through my whole body:
'Don't be ashamed of being human, be proud!
Inside you vault opens behind vault endlessly.
You will never be complete, that's how it's meant to be.'
Blind with tears.
I was pushed out on the sun-seething piazza
together with Mr and Mrs Jones, Mr Tanaka and Signora Sabatini
and inside them all vault opened behind vault endlessly.


scandinavian poetry, part one

When They Sleep
by Rolf Jacobsen
(1907 - 1994)
Original language Norwegian
English version Robert Hedin

All people are children when they sleep.
there's no war in them then.
They open their hands and breathe
in that quiet rhythm heaven has given them.
They pucker their lips like small children
and open their hands halfway,
soldiers and statesmen, servants and masters.
The stars stand guard
and a haze veils the sky,
a few hours when no one will do anybody harm.
If only we could speak to one another then
when our hearts are half-open flowers.
Words like golden bees
would drift in.
-- God, teach us the language of sleep.



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