Some thought about change....

When i took a little walk early this morning i noticed how much change the nature in my neighborhood had gone through just in the last several days. Autumn seems to have set in full speed here now and i can't use the words "late summer" anymore when i am describing the days because suddenly there is VERY AUTUMN here. All the late summer apples in my neighbors garden have fallen to the ground, yellow and orange leaves are dancing in the wind and not to mention the air: so fresh now that my cheecks fastly turns red.
I have been writing on a letter to a friend these days and i was writing down some lines of John O'Donohue, a writer and poet that we both treasure.These are the lines:

"To break the dead shell of yesterdays. To risk beeing disturbed and changed". 

Oh how i LOVE these words....and when i wrote them down these incredibly beautiful photos (that i have fallen completely in love with) by Madelyn appeared in my thoughts. For me her photos ARE poems.
Both the words of O'Donohue and the photos by Madelyn makes me think about change.......change both in nature and in my own everyday reminds me of what nature has learnt me over and over again while i have been viewing the changes of season: to resist trust let go embrace more....


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