A conversation with Magdalena/Color Sepia

I am so excited about sharing this conversation with Magdalena with you! I just LOVE getting to know more about the women that inspires me and Magdalena truly is one of them. I have been following her blog for a long time, it is filled with amounts of inspiration and beauty.
I was SO curious to see her work space and sweet as she is she took some photos so we could get a peek into her space- enjoy!: )
Some of her work is sold through her etsy shops Color Sepia and TrivialityLab.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself Magdalena?
...a bit of myself, well I'm 33 years old, I live in Stockholm...one of the cities that I love...the other ones are...Warsaw where I was born, Valparaiso where I have lived and studied, Montevideo where the magic happens...and still, there is lots of those that I would like to visit and surely fell in love with too.
I am a curious person in constant movement. I almost always have many projects going on. I am very purposeful, self-critical, sensitive ... and sometimes I talk too much ... earlier, I always said what I thought, now I am perhaps more cautious, but I stand by my opinions.
My great role model for me is my mother, an incredibly strong, mindful and wise woman.

I have been following your blog for a long time and i always feel inspired after visiting. I am curious about what inspires you/where you find your inspiration?
I find my inspiration all around me. Often I am inspired by nature ... but it can be the music, smells, feelings, moods, light, small momentary trivialities that can start a creative process in me.

You work with many different mediums (ceramic, photography, silver, textile and more). Do you have a favorite medium to work with/do you feel more "connected" with one of them?
I use different mediums because I both think it's very exciting with different forms of expression but also because I do not want to limit myself to one. Of course I admire people who can work with one and the same material and know it to the perfection ... it might be like this for me also some time in the future.
There is a whole world behind each medium, and right now I don’t feel that I could or would close any doors to the fabulous treasures…there is still so much to discover, to learn.

Are there any mediums you would like to try/work with?
What I might know are different techniques in different materials, and now I would like to be able to take my creativity to a deeper level.

What are you working on these days?
I'm currently working with materials such as burlap and unfortunately I can`t say more because it's a little secret so far.

You have two etsy shops, what can we look forward to find there this year?
When it comes to my etsy shops, I don´t plan so much in advance. I make what`s in my taste or what I find interesting and if it gets good response I feel very happy.

What makes you happy?
Things that makes me happy may be the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, my family and close friends, my dog​​, being able to ride bike, swim in the lake, experience the four seasons, have wonderful memories and create new ones. I am simply very grateful and happy for what I have.

Besides creating what other things do you enjoy?
I enjoy being in the nature, reading, thinking…I enjoy music, good food,movies…normal things.

Do you have some favourite artists?
I have a few artists whose work I appreciate… I can mention here among others Magdalena Abakanowicz, Lars Lerin, Eva Hesse, Matthew Harris, Cristina Peri Rossi, Krzysztof Kieslowski…

Do you have a favorite quote that you would like to share with us?
My favorite quotes are:
“Be alive,
be here -- and know
the beat of your heart. “
This one I found on Donna Watson `s beautiful blog Layers

And the other one is by my boyfriend Pablo Magallanes
“ Living my dreams in the reality created by my own fantasies”


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