A conversation with Olga/My white room

I LOVE making my conversation posts and i am SO happy and grateful that these inspiring women takes the time to answer my questions! It is such a wonderful thing to get to know them better. This time it is
Olga Inoue who has been so kind to share a little bit about herself, her life and work with us.
ENJOY and be inspired! I TRULY AM...smile...

Can you tell a little bit about yourself?

- I am a montessori teacher. I was studying psychology but now i`m taking a little break from work.
We have moved with a friend to another city. I have always dreamed of having time for crafts so for the last six months i have been working for myself, in my white room.

You are an artist working with lots of different materials. Do you especially like one of them?

- I can not say that really. My only feeling: today i am in the mood for wood,
the next day i want to draw, put some vintage brass parts together.
Every day i am finding myself falling in love with something new.

Do you have any favourite artists?

- I adore Klimt`s nature paintings, thin trees, autumn ones and flowers.
Hopper, because i love 30`s, 50`s, stylish america, bright sun.
Shishkin - russian nature, wild woods and greens of my native land.
also - Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Harriet Backer. And old japanese
Sumi-e painting.

What inspires you?

- Everything. Nature, weather, children, music, talking with people.

What are your interests?

- As i was working in a montessori school for a long time it became
a huge part of my life, so i`m interested in children development, exercises, toys,
crafts, especially the ones that were made near nature or according to it.
A time ago i started learning japanese and i just need to make some room for it now.
I love scandinavian cultures, the way they treat home as a beautiful and peacful space for living and creating. And that`s what i was aiming for - home and nature are my number one interests.

What makes you happy Olga?

- Just simple things as beeing next to the person you love, to be inspired, loved,
mornings, talking to children, drawing.

Do you have a favourite quote or poem that you will like to share?

- The one i put on the front page of my blog.
Poems - Brodsky for the past time and
there is my favorite author ever - Yuri Vizbor.

Do you have any creative dreams that you would like to share?

- Yes i do, i have plenty! But for now i am going to buy a pottery wheel to
make some bowls and cups, daily studying japanese and to organize
my very own small montessori class.

How does a perfect day look like for you?

- Spending the day with my dear friend somewhere new...a place we have never visited before, like a trip. Or it can be just spending the day at home, either one.

What do you especially appreciate in your life at the moment?

- Freedom and the capability of doing things i want to do at the moment.

If you were going to take a trip to another country wich one would it be and why?

- Japan. Dreaming of it for eight years now, ever since i had my first japanese student. There is something magical and pure in this country. And, Vibeke,

Olga's Etsy shop, homepage, blog and Facebook.

All photos by Olga Inoue.


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